Sites Guide

COVID-19 Update   4-Jul-2020

All sites except Codden Hill have now re-opened to reciprocal and temporary members (as well as full NDHPC members).

At the request of the landowner, Codden Hill is still restricted to full NHHPC members only. We will review this at the end of July.

We are now once again accepting new Full or Temporary memberships.

Please refer to site guides for Pilot ratings, seasonal closures and special safety procedures.  Pilots wishing to fly Cornborough must follow procedures to contact Lomas and have airband radio as the heliport is exceptionally busy at the moment. Note that the overflow capsite carpark at Woolacombe is still closed, but Marine Drive is now open.

We have reassured all our landowners that everyone flying will follow the BHPA guidelines – especially with regard to hygiene, not hanging about, not going into villages, etc.

So please follow these guidelines:

NDHPC Committee


If you would like more information on any of our sites please do not hesitate to contact a member of the committee who will be happy to give you a detailed site briefing. 

Codden Hill