Holdstone Down

This site was formerly known as Trentishoe. A new site is now available, see Trentishoe Fields in the site guide.

Seasonal Availability

This site is closed during spring/summer and has restrictions on the number of pilots and flying days during winter/autumn. These conditions are part of our licence, and are there to protect local nesting birds.

Please respect these conditions so that we may all continue to fly this site:

The site is open from 1 September to 28 February each year. The site may be flown a maximum of 12 days per year, and only 6 pilots may fly the site at any one time.


OS Map Coordinates: Sheet 180 Grid SS 628 479

Latitude: 51°12’53.7″N, Longitude: 3°58’01.9″W


Paragliding: Pilot — 100+ hours with coastal flying experience due to no bottom landing options.

If unsure, check with one of the club coaches before flying.

It is strongly advised that all pilots (visitors and experienced pilots) fly with an experienced North Coast pilot and have gone through a thorough pre flight briefing.

Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a lead at all times


Find this week’s weather above.

Access and Parking

From the A39 at Blackmoor Gate, follow the A399 North West towards Combe Martin. After 2 miles you will see a signpost for “Trentishoe & Hunters Inn”. It is a narrow lane so beware of oncoming traffic.

Follow this road 1 mile to Stoney Corner and take a sharp right that takes you onto the road up to Trentishoe Downs. After 2 miles you will come over the top of the common and see the Bristol Channel in front of you . There is a parking area on the left hand side just off the road.

Alternative Parking

If this Car Park is full there is an alternative car park another 1⁄2 mile down the road on the left hand side.

Takeoff & Rigging Areas

Holdstone Down is a coastal cliff site and therefore we recommend you rig behind take off. There are two take off areas. Either below the road or above the road. Paraglider pilots generally launch just below the main car park. Follow the track down and to the left, crossing over the small wall. You can launch anywhere below this point down to where the coastal path runs parallel with the hill (see map marked in green for take-off areas).

Top Landing

It is possible to land on top of Trentishoe Downs or to the right hand side (east side) where there is a clearing. Beware that the hill drops off quickly and dramatically behind Trentishoe Downs so if the wind strength is above 10mph, Paragliders should land on the east side of the hill or consider side landing near the launch area. (see map marked in blue for landing areas).

Side Landing

It is possible to land near and below the launch area (see map with blue markings). However, if possible do not land below the coastal path unless it is an emergency.

Bottom Landing

This is a coastal site – there is NO BOTTOM LANDING. Ensure you have judged the conditions properly.

XC Potential

With a north wind long coastal runs West to Combe Martin and East to Porlock are possible. The sea and the rocks will claim the careless! Strong winter thermals give opportunities to go over the back. However, note THERE IS NO BOTTOM LANDING.


  • There is absolutely NO BOTTOM LANDING here. Be aware of the weather conditions as they can change quickly as this faces the Bristol Channel and the Welsh mountains the other side. Wave can occur so constantly watch the sky up wind. When the wind is off to the east or the west, it can start to funnel down the channel and quickly diminish any lift, ensure you ALWAYS have a top landing option within reach.
  • As per the attached map, there is a road which runs close to take off and landing. Please be aware of any traffic and allow plenty of room and time as not to cause an incident or concern to road users.
  • The hill behind Holdstone Down drops away into a valley very quickly. Ensure that you do not get blown back and carefully assess the true wind speed before launching
  • NORTH DEVON COASTAL PATH –Please be aware that the launch site is very close to the coastal path and there are walkers who frequent this area.
  • NATUAL ENGLAND –SSSI The area at Holdstone Down is a Site of Special Scientific Interest with Natural England, which makes it a sensitive area in terms of usage and potential erosion. Please be aware that from mid-April to September warblers habitat in the under-growth . DO NOT land or launch your gliders outside of the marked areas below during this time and please minimize your impact on the environment.