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How to issue a UK Notice to Airmen ( NOTAM )

Our Cheif Hangliding Coach Nick Chitty created a online tutorial on how to post a NOTAM.

Please take the time to have a watch and download the template to post your own NOTAM before you fly, preferably the night before. Do not just rely on the assumption that another pilot has already done this.

Use freephone : 0800 515 544 or 01489 612287.

Email :

Click on the link below to download the official format to post a NOTAM.

H Series Template

Below is an example, please download the template and fill in your details in the beige boxes, before emailing it to

Please remember it can take up to 4 hours for a NOTAM to be published, therefore it is advised to do this as early as possible before you fly!!!

To check which NOTAM’s have been posted click here or follow the link

For reference below are the grid reference co-ordinance for our local club sites

Woolacombe –           SS 458 426

Codden Hill –             SS 582 295

Trentishoe –               SS 628 479

Putsborough –           SS 440 407

Cornborough –          SS 420 302

Countisbury –            SS 748 501

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